Delta Dental

Subscriptions are available as a benefit to Members of our Local

Open Season corresponds with the FEHB open season in mid-November. 

Direct Payments are due January 1, April 1, July 1 and October 1 of each year. 

Auto payments may be set up through HIWAY FCU. 

Rates and coverage are competitive with those offered through FEDVIP. Contact us for more information. 


Open Season for Delta Dental:  Monday, November 10,2020 - Monday, December 14,2020.

There is  NO increase in the Delta Dental rates for 2021

Delta rates for January 1, 2021 -  December 31, 2021:

For Current Employees utilizing Auto-Payment from Hiway Federal Credit Union 

   SINGLE:        Biweekly:  $19.92    

                           Yearly:   $517.80

   SINGLE +1:   Biweekly:  $39.56

                           Yearly:  $1028.40

   FAMILY:       Biweekly:  $62.27

                          Yearly:  $1618.80

For Retirees or Current Employees utilizing Direct Payment to AFGE 3669

     SINGLE:       Monthly  $43.15

                           Quarterly $129.45

                           Semi-Annually $258.90

                           Yearly      $517.80

     SINGLE +1:  Monthly  $85.70

                            Quarterly $257.10

                            Semi-Annually $514.20

                            Yearly      $1028.40

     FAMILY:       Monthly  $134.90

                           Quarterly $404.70

                           Semi-Annually $809.40

                           Yearly      $1618.80

If you choose to pay directly, please make the check out to AFGE 3669 Delta Dental

    Mail to AFGE Local 3669

                 PO Box 17209

                 Minneapolis, MN 55417

If you wish to pay via Auto-payment, please contact us at

Changes can be made to your Delta Coverage during open season, OR due to specific life events such as death, loss of coverage through spouse due to job loss/change, marriage, divorce, covered dependents reaching age of 26.  

Electing Delta Dental Coverage through AFGE 3669 is a contract and you are obligated to pay premiums for the entire year unless you meet the official criteria for changes made outside of the Open Season.  

If you plan to retire in 2021, please notify us at

If you retire, you can continue to subscribe to our Dental Program as long as you remain a member.  Retiree Dues are $48 per year ($4 per month).