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It's a brand new day!

Welcome to AFGE Professional Local 3669. Times they are a changing as we move into our new office space after a rather tumultuous and stressful few months that resulted in our ouster from our office on campus. With the "divorce" being final, we are choosing to move onward and upward. We are looking forward to a bright future away from agency resources and constraints. It will take a few months to finish untangling the ties related to dues so bear with us on that. Have you signed up for E-dues? Check out the Help Center to learn how.

We are eager to begin meeting with you in our new location near Mall of America where we will continue to serve our Bargaining Unit Employees. These next few weeks may be a little bumpy as we transition to our new operational model but we are confident that the new arrangement will be better in the long run. We anticipate opening our new office by mid-March. Thank you in advance for your patience as we get our new office operational.

Keep checking back to our new Website for updates as we open the office, roll out new tools, begin online invoicing for our dental benefits and offer up to date information on what is happening locally and nationally. In the mean time, you can reach us via email from your home computer or ask to join our Facebook Group "AFGE Professional Local 3669" We will provide updates with office hours and phone number as we get our office up an running.

In solidarity- AFGE 3669

Our Email address:

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