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Pink Slips and OSHA forms

We are continuing to work to get more PPE for our BUE's on the front lines fighting COVID-19. The struggle is real as we continue our efforts to get the tools that are needed to fight this battle against this virus. We are proud of how all of you are working to keep things moving forward. We know that some areas may be experiencing a lull as the number of cases have slowed. This is a positive thing. It is good to be prepared and to be underwhelmed.

We have added two buttons to our website. One is to provide quick access to information on filing a OSHA complaint and the other is a link to a new "electronic" pink slip. Many wards no longer have Pink Slips readily available. This new electronic form is more readily available and allows quick submission to your supervisor and your Union Representatives to make them aware that you feel that your working conditions are unsafe.

Thanks for your continued efforts on behalf of our Veterans! We will get through this.


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