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Thank you for your hard work.

Updated: May 24, 2020

This month, two of our long time Union Officers will be stepping down and turning their attention to new things.

Michelle R stepped down as 2nd Vice President at the end of her term. In her time with our local, Michelle was a strong voice for employees, representing the local on the Finance Committee and serving as a consistent leader in the Union office. Michelle retired from the VA last October after 38 years of service. She is now focusing her energy on spending time with her grand-daughter and husband.

Karen R announced that she is stepping down as Treasurer on 5/13/20. She has been the treasurer for the local since 1991 and has proven a strong advocate for conservative financial practices by the local which has provided solid financial footing for the organization. She is stepping down to allow her more time to spend with her family and focus on her other volunteer obligations.

We are ever grateful for the long term service of both of these strong and fabulous women to our local. Their hard work and vision have been invaluable. We will miss them but wish them all the best as they head out on their new endeavors.

Thank you Michelle and Karen for all that you have done for Local 3669!

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